Daily Prompt – 1936

Share a story about someone who had a positive impact on your life.

Dr. Desmond was the first doctor to give me hope. He listened to me, and he helped me understand that there is brilliance in here too, if channeled correctly. When medicines started bothering me, he did not dismiss me or tell me I was simply missing my mania. He really cheered me on with working on diet and exercise. He told me I had to write every day, it didn’t matter how or where.

He never believed I’d be on medicines for the rest of my life. He didn’t really seem to think anything was wrong with me, per se. Just that we had to get these annoying symptoms out of the way so the good stuff could get out.

He never treated me like a patient and he never saw a disease. He explained all these words were jargon used to help a doctor pick a medicine, but you have to learn the person and just find the medicine – regardless of the alphabet soup – that helped them do what they haven’t been able to do.

He always said any medicine that gave more side effects than benefits were unacceptable. He told me I knew more than most of his colleagues and to never put up with their shit. He taught me I was the only person who knows how it feels in my body, so don’t let any doctor tell me about me. He taught me to learn and understand everything I could about myself, my symptoms, etc. I genuinely want to be like him one day and help anybody else like he helped me.

Dr. Desmond did not just have a positive impact on my life, he saved it.

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