Daily Prompt – 1934

What public figure do you disagree with the most?

The Pope

Anybody who can do anything besides clean up every ounce of pedophilia in their organization and anybody who allows the proliferation of hate in the name of love is somebody I can’t agree with. I say him because he’s head honcho, but the whole organization is a problem.

You do not get to maintain millions, billions in untouchable tax free monies as you politicize pro life rhetoric at the pulpit. You are then a political party: subject to giving to Caesar what he is owed – I think we’ve read that, eh? As those seemingly most vocally religious are also most vocally against feeding the poor with welfare, and whatever other social services could help anyone, your real estates and coffers are as tax free as a multibillionaire in Nevada. I can see how both of you just can’t afford to support anything but your own interests, yes? Regardless whether or not these interests even actually align with shit Christ said, right?

You do not get to allow people to feel righteous for casting stones in direct defiance of your boss’ own commands. And yet…

You – the boss, the here where the buck stops – you educate them properly on what it means to love as your boss loved. You are supposed to Shepard them, not radicalize them. You do not call them brothers and sisters. You do not call them Christians. You call each and every one of them the hypocrite they are, regardless of how much they tithe. You go batshit crazy about the hypocrisy, just like your boss did.

You do not call the people putting women in harm’s way, literally taking food from children’s mouths, minimizing human lives gunned down at school while maximizing birth against someone’s free will – you do not call these part of your flock. You don’t encourage judgement and self righteousness.

We were called to evangelize not shove our beliefs forcefully down someone’s throat, or condemn, or judge. And yet…

You, the father of the holy flock, you are not supposed to let any be holier than thou. They’re supposed to tend to beams in their eyes, so why is everyone so fixated on motes? There is a clear breakdown in leadership here and your organization has become a perverse, pedophiliac whisper down the lane of what Christ spoke. You simply must know this.

Your organization is shit and it’s fucking up a lot of peoples lives. You need to get together with all the other folks in their fancy robes who are hurting people in the name of love, gather round, re-read what Christ said, and get to work. And in the meantime, keep your priest’s hands off little kids’ dicks. That is NOT what Jesus meant about coming to know heaven.

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