The wayward spirit inside

With tempting apple nibbled

like the neck of a lover

Whose kiss is so forbidden

Naked knowledge splayed

Behind the fig leaf hidden

The woman made me do it

A blameful, shameful salad tossed

The temptress reincarnate

As a virgin pure

Birthing our salvation

While being called a whore

We all die upon crosses

each and every day

with judgement and opinion

killing what God made for play

Like a bunch of stoners

Getting our rocks off

The wayward spirit knowledge

Remains the nemesis

A society of repression,

A bunch of ball gagged souls

Getting raped and sweet talked

In our holiest of holes

You cannot have good without evil

As with left comes right

You cannot have day, without the dark of night

Dying by duality, binded by our fight

We haven’t got a single clue

“Father forgive them, they know not what they do”

-MahButtItches, July 2017

4 thoughts on “Meta(ph)oreplay

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  1. 🙃 thank you sweet sweet Yassie! Your words always bring sunshine on this side of the pond. Just know that everything you say to me you best say to the mirror, my dear twin and beautiful muse!


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