Daily Prompt – 1925

Do you have a quote you live your life by or think of often?

To pick one seems impossible. However, there are a few that prominently feature at pivotal points in my life.

The most prominent, longest standing, ever since I was a wee itchy butt: “Just fucking do it, dammit” said in Jonathan Davis’ voice, from the beginning of Clown like right before the song starts. Not even lyrics. There are too many times I’ve heard it and just… fucked a blender. Which leads me to the next quote, which isn’t a quote but a meme. And the fact that these are fundamental things for me explains a lot, really.

The next is “all I’ve got is insane” from Duality by Slipknot and “push the envelope, watch it bend” from Lateralus by TOOL. They both generally have a fuck around and find out vibe to me, and at the end of the day, being normal is what drives me crazy.

Each of these sound like prompts, exactly from the songs, in each voice, in my head, and I generally heed their calls far more than my own internal monologue. And a lot of the time, any of them happen because I’m not doing the thing I know I need to do, or there’s just shit in my way, and I need to go through not away. All the cliches. The memes kind of… just come out in clips – time to fuck a blender, it’s trash can, not trash cannot, and I am a mighty dumpster phoenix, so forth.

They just help me get somewhere else, I suppose. Or maybe stop trying to think, plan, whatever. Just fucking do it, dammit. Go crazy, be crazy, just be your fucking self who gives a shit?! It’s far crazier to lock yourself in opinion prisons then just… be whatever the fuck this amalgamation is. Basically everyone I’m quoting did what they’re talking about, which is why I’m here quoting them.

As an aside, these are some extremely fuckable blenders. Thank you.

The others, I’ll leave a few more from the masters in their own words

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