Once Upon a Dream

“Phil…listen. I’m sorry. I am truly sorry about all of this.” Murray sighed, leaning over the wooden table. Phillip glared back at him, his manacles jangling as he settled in his chair. His dark hair was damp and sweaty, the air was stifling. His face was beet red with anger, but his eyes showed all of his betrayal, stupor, and pain. Murray took it all in, he had dealt with these sorts of cases before and he knew better than anybody –

there are always so many sides to a story.

“Here’s the deal Phil, maybe you can get a lawyer, tell him what you’re telling me. Maybe you can settle, get her to drop the charges, I don’t know. I have a job to do here. I hear what you’re saying and I’m telling you I believe you. Hell, I’d like to think I’d have done the same in your shoes. But in the meantime, I gotta process you and lock you up. I have your statement, I need it signed, and if there’s anyone you can call …?”

Phil shook his head, cursing, laughing, as he looked up. “Who is going to go against Aurora?”

Murray nodded sadly, “Consent is the law of the land.” He shook his head, “how the hell were you supposed to get that without waking her up though?”

He stood and began leading Phillip out, “I sure appreciate you Phil. I know it don’t mean nothing coming from me, but the whole damn kingdom does.” Murray closed the cell doors as Phillip sat on the cold, muddy ground. Murray nodded his head towards the ceiling. Maybe she’ll come around.”

As Murray waited for the big guy to come in and get to work on the Prince, he thought there was just no such thing as fairy tale endings no more.

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