On Guns, Mental Health & Clogged Toilets: That is One Big Pile of Shit – a Modern Metaphor

I spent a lot of the early parts of the pandemic ranting about how this would affect everyone’s mental health, then I watched my mental health do a swan dive into screen addiction, escapism, and the nonalive life that depression is known for. Here we are at the part where the inevitable bad mental health consequences of bureaucracy spike their ugly heads in a society and system designed to make you sicker – especially in the brain…It’s not new, it’s just more, continuing, screaming indicators that these for-profit systems are, in the immortal words of Dr. Ian Malcolm, one big pile of shit.

Our society seems hellbent on simultaneously embodying Einstein’s definition of insanity while getting pissed off that people are going … insane?

But, this is an itchy butt blog, so get with the ass, poop, fart metaphors, will ya? If you (didn’t) ask me to summarize the State of the (dis)Union:

If my toilet was clogged, I don’t call the restaurant I ate at to holler about the food they cooked that caused the shit that blocked my pipes. I don’t blame the chef that cooked the food. I don’t blame the farmer that grew the food. I don’t call government to ban Taco Bell. I don’t blame my neighbor for electing the guy that voted for low-flow toilets that couldn’t handle the epicness my ass created. I get a plunger, I phone a friend, or I hire a plumber. I don’t stand around inhaling my special scents or add further shit to the toilet hoping it will flush. I don’t argue about why the toilet is clogged.

…I just do whatever I can to unclog the giant pile of shit in the toilet.

Jeff Goldblum is watching you poop

But, let’s be honest, if it was a true metaphor, our current reactions to a clogged toilet are akin to: going next door, shitting on the neighbors’ carpets, setting their curtains on fire, screaming for or against Trump or Biden, and asserting the rights to shit on any carpet you damn well please because ‘Murica , or because the carpet was offensive.

This is, of course, done while shouting in and reading echo chambers supporting the innate confirmation bias that someone else clogged the toilet and someone else needs to unclog it. It’s arguing with other people and doing nothing about the very large, very obvious piles of shit that are clogging our toilets. And I suppose that is one way of handling it, and it seems like that is how every complicated, nuanced issue is getting handled, period. Everybody fights, everybody keeps losing. Or maybe it’s the extremes fight and all the folks in the middle are wondering along these lines. (I hope)

We are the Divided States of America with some of the deepest, disturbingest clogged toilets I have ever seen in my life.

If Norman Rockwell painted now, it could be burning outhouses exploding shit everywhere.

We’re a village of idiots killing our kids and arguing about plungers and plumbers instead of I don’t know, literally any action. Anything.

And the worst part is, do we call this freedom? Do we call this choice? We scream about rights and refuse the responsibility of those very rights. We call it everything but a wake-up because it’s clearly not changing shit. Are our definitions are all wrong, and worse yet, do we insist everyone else’s wrong definitions are wronger? Is it what everyone else is doing is not working, is it the other party screwing it up, is it the shooter, is it the parents? Or, is it all of us and the big piles of shit clogging our toilets?

Blame does nothing. It is disempowering and a useless human emotion. Responsibility is an empowering mindset. It actually doesn’t matter who is to blame for these myriad issues. But, we are all responsible for all of these issues, solutions, and outcomes. We all are responsible for the wellness of ourselves and, to the best of our abilities, each other. The money so many worship literally states “United we stand, Divided we fall”.

Right now, Americans are divided and falling left and right thanks to for-profit industries/piles of shit that prioritize profits over people. Whatever stance that can be taken on all of the issues being blamed – guns, mental health, government, insurance: you name it — someone is making a buck selling it, someone is making a buck off the outrage, etm.

Can we all can do better? Can we vote? Not red or blue; both have proven equally useless and harmful to all of these issues. Neither color has done anything beyond adding shit to these clogged toilets. Can we vote green – as in those almighty dollars, to force the changes needed? Can we vote differently at the polls too? Hell, can we at least starve the algorithms and media companies of our outrage and comment wars so at least our pain isn’t profitable?

Fighting with other people instead of uniting to fight against broken, corrupt systems is as logical as bobbing for apples in a clogged toilet.

I realize I’m yet another voice in the void of the internet, but I am a voice who takes mental wellness very seriously. It is so easy to say mental illness is the problem, but the real problem is how fucking difficult it is to get mental health treatment, and even if you do: good luck getting a doctor that will actually listen and do more than writing a script and telling you it’s your fault the meds make you feel funny. And even if you do manage to luck out and get a doctor that helps, good luck with insurance. And even if all that works out, the system doesn’t really handle getting you well, it just … treats the symptoms at best, exacerbates everything at worst.

Do you know the secret to my mental wellness journey?

“If you want a decent doctor, you’re going to have to pay out of pocket.”

Good Doctors Do Not Take Insurance.

So as we argue about our clogged toilets, and we blame/argue with chefs, restaurants, Taco Bell, and Farmers…just remember, in America – it’s really, really hard to find a good plunger or a good plumber. It could take months and months to get a plumber, and the plungers could drastically alter your persona and increase suicidality and aggression. And the actually good plumbers wouldn’t take the plumbing insurance that you pay for….

Can more people take their rightful anger and aggression out on the actual piles of shit in our countries and toilets?

I guess I’m fool enough to believe as the pen is mightier than the sword, perhaps the keyboard is mightier than the rifle (and the toilet is the mightiest of them all).

I have lots of words, but the quote that feels most applicable is “When I becomes We, Illness becomes Wellness” and I do believe that quote is the ex-lax to the shitstorm that is our now moment as a country. I wrote a really, ridiculously, ludicrously long piece on this a few days ago because I had to work out my feelings with mah words. When I becomes We, Illness becomes Wellness – Check it here if interested.

As always, thanks for reading what mah itchy butt has to say, have an awesome day, and I will see you tomorrow.

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