Alanis Morissette Needs Grammarly Premium

Alanis Morisette Needs Grammarly Premium

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I’ve spent so many days chasing pride

Seeking yours when I had none of mine

Alanis knows no irony

⁃ But I do

The day you’d say I’m proud of you comes

But I can’t hear it

⁃ Since it needs a hello

⁃ After pushing my name

⁃ With your thumb

And that can’t happen. You’re ashamed of who

⁃ I’ve become

I’ve got ten thousand spoons, and now I don’t even need your pride

…See now that’s ironic, don’t you think?

90s throwback, teenage angst

I’m plucking old strings

For this heart shaped box to play

Nirvana is easy, when you’ve already been through hell.

I laid down the scissors

Don’t need the knives too

⁃ except the one behind my lips

⁃ The one I cut off for you

I’ve got ten thousand spoons, I’m using a pen and not a knife

It isn’t ironic. Don’t you think?

It’s like I became a new version of me.

The version you can’t stand, even though it’s who I am.

But now I can’t give a damn

It’s time for some new Pearls in this jam

Don’t call me, not fit to, the pictures kept will remind me

Of a breakfast table in an otherwise empty room

You can update the playlists, but still throw back.

Young girl, by all ends, center of her own attention…

It’s so typical to talk about myself, I’m sorry.

I hope, that you’re well.

All I have left is goodbye,

at least I can say that I tried

Problem Is

My head was never not right

I was the spoon, you needed a knife

So I’ve got no hellos from

The other side or otherwise

Text and truth can be black, white, or red

I’ve traded my tears, my blood for this pen

Living life where irony makes sense

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