Narcissistic Cannibal lol

With wine and words, you drew me in

Playing songs that stole air from the sky

Your eyes undressed my soul, I became yours to devour

My lips, you took first, in nibbles and nips

My tongue was your pleasure, as long as it licked

When it wagged too grandly, you chewed it down

My neck was slit by your fingernails

I said sorry for bleeding on your shirt

You smiled and kissed me, played me a song

Then moved to my thighs, where you flayed them open

Fucking me, you seemed surprised, to know there was so much behind my eyes

I screamed I love you, but I talk too much, so you fed me my own foot

As you stripped the skin from my back, I apologized there wasn’t more

You carved open my chest with a new tune

Criticized me for feeling it

My heart went through a sausage grinder

You shoved it down my throat mixed with glass

As my stomach turned to shreds, I thanked you for saving me from death

But you saved the best for last

When you came for my brain, with your words sharing pain,

I thanked you for loving me so sweetly

Such a lucky girl, I am, to wander dead in a world of the living


5 thoughts on “Narcissistic Cannibal lol

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    1. Wow, thank you so much. that means so much to me!

      I’m fine, I’m fine. I tend to.. when I have a bad memory, or what have you I like to take the poison and paint it out. I tell myself it keeps me happier. Take the power of the bad memory and just make it beautiful…make someone else say “Fuck me, I’m not alone!” At least that is my hope šŸ™‚

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      1. You are most welcome. Thank you!
        I agree with you, I have found that the most important thing I enjoy on WP actually, to make sure others know they aren’t alone. hahaha I just did a post today wishing I could time travel back to my much younger self to tell her just that!!

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      2. šŸ™‚ I’ll have to go read it, I am trying to play catch up. I didn’t have my laptop/journal all weekend, so these poems have been stuffed in my brain and I’m desperately like “DONT FORGET!! AAH” hahahaha Oh my gosh, wouldn’t you just kill for 5 minutes with your…20 year old self? or shit, my 14 year old self. I wouldn’t change anything, per se, good or bad I’m here..I think I’d just say “You make it to 34 ,dude. You make it to 34”

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      3. hahaha that’s hilarious.
        no I don’t really want to change anything either, well no, I wish I wasn’t so young when I got married, but I don’t waste time over that too much. I just wish I knew then that I wasn’t alone, that I should have talked to someone. I really should have talked to someone!! I carried way too much. Anyway, I hope your day gets better! xo


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