When I becomes We, Illness becomes Wellness

TL;DR: Take your Self extremely seriously and make fun of your problems. Because a person is never the problem, but people can be fucking dumb. Lots of people doing nothing and asking why someone didn’t say or do something is a BIG FUCKING PROBLEM for a lot of people who have problems. So, stop taking dumb shit seriously, and stop being dumb about serious shit. Nobody has ever actually died from embarrassment, but a lot of people can get far worse than death from addiction.

When I becomes We, Illness becomes Wellness

Mental Wellness and recovery are both possible. Let’s just get rid of the bullshit and stigmas, so we can love each other enough to help each other, shall we?

Socrates said Know Thyself, and he also employed the Socratic method of asking better questions to achieve better outcomes. Self Inquiry is THE game changer.

Do you understand addiction? Have you loved an addict? Have you enabled an addict? Have you enabled addiction to run rampant in dysfunctional family dynamics? Have you sat in the raging infernos of hell wondering why you are so cold? Have you felt more like a possessed noun than a human be-ing? Have you ever tried hyper fixating on your purpose? What made you happiest as a child? Have you considered what is making you unhappy now? Is it perhaps, you are sick and tired of listening to your own bullshit?

Lemme see if I can talk, learn, and laugh a little: (it’s long and it’s a lot to process, save it, share it, come back later and see what pops, just hang in there, if you want, as always, my life is the trigger warning)

Authenticity, Accountability and Responsibility are the antidote to Blame and Shame

Blame and Shame kill good, wonderful people. Accountability and Responsibility save the lives of loved ones who are suffering by hiding in a prison of Blame and Shame. It seems persnickety, but using the most appropriate words when speaking and writing have profound impacts and results. It is the difference between published authors, experts, etc. and some asshole running their mouth online. (I just so happen to identify as both) People who know what they are talking about know precisely how to use and align their words and actions to achieve desired outcomes and results. There are so many people online who may not have bought their degrees, but they can assure you – they fucking earned PhD’s by dealing with BS. There are also, however, even more people who don’t have a fucking clue how to align words with actions, and that brings about some messy results for everybody involved.

A human being, a loved one, is truly a little boy or little girl terrified, alone, and enslaved by addiction

This is a way better framing than calling yourself or someone else an addict, which is othering language. Enslaved by addiction makes that choice/nature/nurture thing go away. Words matter, because some words can make anybody feel more or less safe in vulnerable and precarious situations. Trigger words and triggering words can have positive and negative outcomes, depending on awareness and ignorance – the latter of which there’s far too much.

Addiction is what happens when a person with problems has, quite simply, been so confused by others’ words/actions/inactions, they have now confused themselves. They believe they are the problem. Not so. Not so!!! They are people with problems. However, a problem cannot exist without a solution. A person who has confused themselves and believe they ARE the problem are left to simply exist. They have no problems; therefore, they have no solutions.

In short, can a cure to addiction could look something like: while we may got 99 problems, a bitch ain’t one?

To Cyclebreakers and jailbreakers:

The vicious cycles and behaviors that create increasingly compounded problems reinforces this errant belief that you are the problem. Can recovery look something like a human being remembering that, while they have problems, the beautiful, wonderful, incredible soul they are — they are not the problem?

Can the cure actually be anything that creates laughter and joy? Shouting about problems from the rooftops, demanding miracles til the problems, not the people, go away? Expecting miracles and the unexpected while embracing the unknown? We can have no problem using social media as an online accountability journal to help us process and assign responsibility and accountability. There’s something about text on a screen that makes thoughts easier to see, at least for me. How can we help everyone remember that they are all worthy of love, kindness, compassion, respect, forgiveness, and healing if we don’t give it to ourselves first?

No one deserves the pain of addiction, blame and shame are worthless emotional states with no use or purpose.

The solution seems to be embodying jailbreaking and cyclebreaking. Being imprisoned by addiction teaches the prisoner or slave that they too, are worthless with no use or purpose.

Can we put the FUN in dysfunctional, so we can remember how to be fun and functional again? Let’s take a Meme break…

Okay, so: We all know that what doesn’t kill us makes us funnier, and we will always laugh about this shit one day. It’s how we’ve always coped, we just need to make fun of our problems, not ourselves.

Moderation, temperance, and progress instead of perfection.

No Siths: do not deal in absolutes unless absolutely necessary.

Simplify complex issues and enhance learning through laughter.

Opinions are like assholes and most of them stink. Other peoples’ opinions are none of our business because we are learning to listen to/trust ourselves and our intuition again.

Live life with love every day, by day.

See also 13 Rules to (hopefully) not die:

RE: Dirty Laundry?/Fight Club/Bruno

For the ignorant, of which there is such abundance:

Stop telling people not to air their dirty laundry. Stop telling people all the stupid shit you say, good lord. Ask yourself, what purpose could language that kicks people when they’re down like that ever serve??? If ever a more toxic, deadly, murderous, worthless phrase exists, I don’t know it yet. I mean, I agree, let’s wash the dirty laundry, but step one is maybe, just maybe, airing that shit out…

Let me explain this as best I know how – poop: Addiction is like 3 week old shit stained boxers. Why in God’s name wouldn’t you want it out there? That way you are not sitting in it, suffering, alone, wondering why everything and everyone is so fucking shitty. Do shit stained boxers make you uncomfortable? Cool, yeah, totally, for sure. Okay, now, um – live in them. Ya know, walk in my shit stained boxers for a day, let alone every single one.

Normalize talking openly and honestly about problems that lead to solutions on all platforms and settings. Foster and nurture a world of Authenticity, Accountability and Responsibility, and maybe more than filtered ludicrous personas. Where can people just have problems, but problems can simply not be people? How many masks do we want to wear here?

Does anyone else want to start putting on metaphorical oxygen masks to save literal lives? Perhaps not waste time bickering over literal masks figuratively saving lives? This shit is so much worse now, thanks to the pandemic.

So, let’s get on this plane together. It just makes so much more sense when we stop worrying about who’s or what is or isn’t making america great again and focusing on making big words like love and life have meanings and definitions again…there’s so many people right now that don’t give a fuck about any of it because it just hurts too fucking much to deal. Opioids, alcohol, cute asses: just synonyms for Illnesses, Painkillers, and Overdoses.

This post is brought to you by 3 cups of coffee (with no sugar at least), a dirty AF kitchen, and a recovering woman who embraced her gifts of ADHD, CPTSD, psychotic breaks, trauma, a BS in Marketing, and a hyperfixation on algorithms, TikTok, psychology, philosophy, and life to demand the miracle needed by becoming who she is and unbecoming who she is not so she can…do whatever the fuck she’s doing at any given moment. This. This. All of this is what Mah Butt Itches is here for. She writes because she cares about asses. So let it be written well, so let it be done even better than your wildest expectations. (My Rough Draft of the Mahbuttitches Manifesto/Mission Statement.)

A prayer:

God(s), grant me the serenity to remember that we can embody change by remembering who we are. The courage to embrace all that we are to find the wisdom to remember we too, can make a difference by accepting, being, and loving our genuine, authentic Self.

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