If time can heal all wounds,

When’s the button so I can press mute

on all of these echoes of you

Cause it’s not the memories that leave me choking

Or even the scars on the heart you broke in

It’s all those echoes of the words left unsaid

It’s the vomit & blood of the tears I “can’t” shed

It’s all the times I wouldn’t just be me

I was so terrified you’d see me plainly insane here

The two-syllable word I fear so much was crazy

And then you’d be like you are already

Running away from my eyes too steady

I got in touch with my inner 80’s

Took a long trip around reality or Hades

I finally embraced my tears for all these fears

It seems like now the answer is clear

What once was opaque is becoming sheer

Those are the echoes of our arguing mirrors

And I get to choose what I get to hear

And boy, oh boy, I know you’ll try

Try you’ll try to bury this alive

Upstream you’ll row to fix the hole in your Collective Soul

But that’s the 90s, and I’m blinded,

I can’t seem to stay in the right decade

Like a virgin, you’ll prey, or to Madonna I’ll pray?

With that lie between your thighs, your sheepskin mushroom in disguise

While you and your demons conduct your head,

Your bullets vs my Guns but I Rose this bitch from the dead

Dancing on sunsets, Sunday is bloody & red

But I love U2, and if u were me, u would agree

It’s time for you to start asking who, The Who is the W question most helpful and true

Who am I? May open that Third Eye so Blind,

One Synchronicity I’ll bring, when those bells ring, it may Sting

Is this the 60’s, 70’s or before? Did I say Madonna? What a whore.

In this chasm between our Talking Heads

I’ll happily become the echo you dread

Singing the Dirty Deeds as they play in your empty head

It’s funny how eloquent I can be for a fucking metalhead

It’s like a dictionary on AC/DC, fueled on your anger misled


3 thoughts on “Derp

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      1. Wow that is awesome if you are so inspired!

        I am doing better thanks. Seeing a new doctor who is much better. Health care is not the greatest where we are. So fingers crossed, this year will be a lot better.

        How about you?


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