Game of Thumbs

Game of Thumbs

Spoken word on my TikTok Mah_Butt_Itches

I’m so tired of the game

where somehow i’m supposed to care

about your cries for attention

and the banalities I call my day

Where I throw up some pictures

and assert I’m better than

all the thoughts inside my head

that tell me I better fucking not

I wait for the call to adventure

but it’s an extended warranty expiring

they keep trying to reach me

and I keep fucking declining

I seek “what is my meaning?”

and find myself meaning less

A digitized compliation

of what I think is my best

As if I’ve made an ego

of the ego that made me

and now I care so much more

about what you think of me

Like some god damned mind reader

Oh, I can somehow tell

And you can see behind my eyes

Cause my lashes are the gates of hell

I used to care so much

about a lot of little things

and now I just stare in the mirror

wondering who is looking at me

My name was given to me

from someone else’s mind

My interests, hopes, aspirations

Data based algorithms defined

Even my raging anarchy, chaotic defiance

seems so perfectly in alliance

With someone else’s appliance

I thought I was anomaly

it turns out I am wrong

I’m just another puppet

Singing someone else’s song


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