Tell me about blue

When the “inner” world becomes inquisitive, the “outer” world becomes magnificent.

What color is your sky? Can you actually describe it? There’s blue, there’s light blue, there’s dark blue, but I can’t say what blue looks like to me. Nor can I see or understand what blue looks like to you. I only call it blue because someone at some point told me it was blue. Imagine explaining a color to someone who cannot see color. How could you describe the sky? And that’s one level of life.

Imagine if you didn’t know the word blue, what would you say?

Maybe some look at the gases and how the chemical reactions create the sky. How different chemicals can create different effects, and so on and so forth. And that can be described. Maybe another level is the more creative view where God painted it this color or some other way of describing the sky. You could probably say things like soothing, calming, relaxing, peaceful – those are emotions blue can evoke.

But I can never know for sure that we see the same sky, can I? Even if you take the fact that we see and interpret colors differently out of it, I cannot know someone is looking precisely where I am, so I cannot know that they see precisely what I see.

It’s incredible to realize the infinite potential of perspective. And how each of us are like pinholes on a black screen. And there’s some kind of force behind each of us, and we all shine it our own way. It’s amazing to experience all the agreements and disagreements because it’s learning.

But what are we learning? “Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, and small minds discuss people” it takes nothing to form an opinion. I can look at the sky and say it looks like shit outside. It doesn’t matter what it does or doesn’t look like. It doesn’t matter what anyone else says. It doesn’t matter if it’s logical or truthful. But, by saying it, it becomes my truth and the basis upon which I form my day. It looks like shit outside.

Well, the reality is, the sky could be bright blue, but my own sky is grey. It’s grey because I am depressed, or I am angry, or I am confused, or maybe I’m lonely. It doesn’t matter. My sky is grey today. For me, grey and blue may mean the same thing.

And given that’s my opinion, I’ll go about spreading it. If I’m particularly opinionated, I might be quite forceful in telling you how grey the sky is, even if your sky is blue. You can’t convince me the sky is blue, and I cannot convince you it’s grey.

Each of us is the unstoppable force and the immovable object. Each of us are inexplicable myriads of contradictions, rights, wrongs, accomplishments, and failures. And all of these diverse elements come together to paint our sky just as much as any force of nature.

And like we can describe the sky, we also fall in whether we discuss the person, the event, or the idea. Or maybe, the opinion, the statement, or the question. In the same respective order. Nothing opens the door quite like a question. It’s the difference between I can’t do this and how can I accomplish this? It’s the difference between it looks like shit outside and what is making me say that?

I find most unhappiness stems from making more statements and asking too few questions. I also find how the statements are made curate life’s experience. I find it impossible to be good, and I find it despicable to be bad. So what am I supposed to do? I find it is only when I ask the question, I get new information. It’s the difference of “the sky is blue (because someone told me what blue is and what sky is and that’s what I see)” and “what/who/how is the sky blue?” And there’s never wrong answers to questions, and there’s never anything to be lost by gaining knowledge. But some aren’t ready to ask questions. And some are.

All are valid. All are here. All perspectives are represented by everyone. We all choose different levels of seeing the sky. But what I have found most magnificent is paying attention and asking questions. It’s how I learned to pay attention to the sky and let go of bothering about what color it is anyway. It’s magnificent beyond my words anyway. I find it so remarkable, that I can lose many troubles and problems staring at the sky. I find it easier to let the opinions of others to pass around like clouds in the sky when I realize how little effort it takes to create an opinion. These effortless exchanges deserve the equal (no effort) and opposite (no attention/comment/engagement) reaction.

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