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Oh I forgot, I wanted to do this:

The MahButtItches web-verse…


-Facebook: MahButtItches

-TikTok: Mah_Butt_Itches

-Insta: MahButtItches

-Twitter: MahButtItches

-Snap: MahButtItches

Brand consistency ✅ brand identity ✅ fuck whoever got MahButtItches on TikTok before me tho. 😡 although it’s kind of amazing I have this many free and clear MahButtItches-es. How can it be such an underused username? 🤣

My lazy day saw me napping until I had to get a kid off the bus. Admittedly, I think I was in waiting mode because I knew I had to stand outside at 2:25 PM. Hopefully, I can adjust to having one hard deadline a day and not nap in anticipation. I did “work” for over 12 hours on Sunday tho, so…

By 5, I received that magic jolt and actually got dressed. Thanks to more caffeine. I recorded a bunch of TikToks, and crossposted/posted on all the accounts. Twitter went up about 30, TikTok went up over 130, and assorted others maybe another handful. So pretty damn close to my goal of 200, and I napped the majority of the day. Like that’s a couple hours of focus there 🤣 I feel like there’s a lesson in ease, honoring one’s rhythms and cycles in here, but what do I know? It took me til 5 to get dressed.

I saw “don’t do shit for likes and comments, do it for your fucking soul” and that’s the thing. I do all this random shit to support the random shit I’m doing. It keeps both polar opposite sides of my brain happy. One is boss bitch, the other is hippie/metalhead/Dionysus/fan girl. The boss bitch just likes to set artificial goals to create false senses of urgency to encourage napping procrastinators to still do the thing, even if you’re starting at 8 and going to bed at 12:30.

I’m telling you…if you wanna learn how to do shit quickly, efficiently, and effectively, get accidentally addicted to TikTok. Of the countless articles, journals, YouTube rabbit holes, you name it – somebody telling me about something in a couple minutes … shit sticks like white on rice aaaand I can even apply the learning to my everyday chaos that I call life. Imagine slapping bumper stickers on a tornado – that is me doing basically any function.

I genuinely need to clone myself so that I could be my own personal assistant. I need another me to do the shit I don’t want to do, but I’ll pay her and give her coffee whenever she asks, and we will be unstoppable. I also need a housekeeper, gardener, and someone to sit and bounce ideas off of whose eyes don’t glaze over when I babble on about Marketing theories or social media strategies. And hold my camera. I’ve noticed if I rest my camera on my leg, I fidget cause I’m nervous and I get bouncy leg shaky cam 🤣 I am using my gifts of masking to be simultaneously scared out of my gourd and do the thing. I may or may not smoke a bowl before and after idk.

I think I just need to do nothing but listen to music and chill outside for hours bc eventually my creative cup gets going, I guess. But at least, when I’m scrolling through TikTok in total adhd paralysis/waiting mode, I can now righteously assert I’m learning shit or connecting with likeminded individuals who seem to use 420 in their usernames a lot. Idk how that’s such a resonant fan base 🤣🤣

My current hypothesis is something like — if I have helped countless great men become even greater in my careers and personal life — then what happens if I do it all for me, what I give a shit about, and what I actually feel like doing with the most precious commodities I have? I mean, I got plenty of time. If you really think about it, I technically retired when I was 35.

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