When all the colors mix together…

When all the colors mix together…

It’s like lava in my lungs

And all the words I cannot shout

It’s the bile of my breath

And the things I think about

It’s all i cannot show you

And all i cannot say

It’s all the things I’m not supposed to

And all bleeds out in grey

It’s the colors of the rainbow

But my eyes have been scratched out

It’s a tongue caressed with butterflies

But the lies are what comes out

It’s all the times I say okay

When what I meant was no

It’s all the times you look at me

With an eyebrow up just so

It’s all the crazy I always am

Because my mind cannot conform

You define me like a dryer setting

But I just can’t be norm

All the things you want from me

All that I cannot give

Because this life has an extra f

And in lies I cannot live

I wish that you could wake up

But you’d rather sleep today

So let’s just keep playing rainbows

With a palette made of gray

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