What? The Ducking Duck

“I’ve painted so many lies

As woe begets my pen

(Oh my….is that….

a typo?)


The neglect of a V

A carat addition ^

Or auto-correction

Underscoring the need for 

This somber reflection 


What is the meaning of life and love?


The nurture of ducks


The nature of Fu’s


(Where the uck is the stuff 

all this shit comes from)


The red squiggling line

a serpentine smile

Bit an Apple divine

No fig leaves to hide


(My child,

who told you you are



This constant consonant conflagration 

Perverts true wisdoms’ expression!!


For love, 

live, life, lie and die 

These unique letters collide

Like ducks in the sky,

-F my life

Text denied

mistakes multiply

On the screen and real life

A simple thumb slide

Change the messages’ entire


Ducks may fly where I said to go off

Wrong may be right, it’s the apple’s swap

Our imperfections were perfectly intended


A course I am crashing

Spelling life’s lessons

Live the -V in my lies,

Where the wrong -D (once or twice)

Slipped the -F’s that spell life 

(That’s Fucking, Forgiving, and Forgetting)


Such red lined missives

Change intentions as given

If you listen


No problems, no misspelling, no mistakes here


We’d have so many less ducks

Or is it -F for fucks?

If we stop auto-correcting and accept 


Our one true nature




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