Dysfunction – Executive

Eddie Izzard, Transvestite (Executive)

A cup of coffee, perfect morning temp, and gorgeous ladies’ vocals set to beats on Soma FM. Cannot recommend Soma FM enough.

Had one of the stuttering panic attacks last night. 0/5 stars, do not recommend. But if you experience shit like me, this aforementioned shit, gentle and easy movement and dance, meditation, and of course journaling are about all I got to play cards’ wise today. And I suppose passing time writing about whatever dumb shit I feel like….

Trying to get the motivation to do some of the things today, truthfully trying to rally for a shower. Let’s see if cup #2 is the magic elixir.

Also, George Jetson was apparently born 7/31/22. I should probably meditate, journal, chant even, but no my morning contemplations are not of the divine but George Jetson. It’s called prioritization, and I am Dysfunction – Executive.

#adhdlife #recoverpsychosiswithme #omg #wtf

Thank you to Mark for being my ever faithful, reliable, accurate AF Meme Dealer (and astrologer – Executive) 🤣

How I Deal:

Today all we got to work with are: memes, as few lyrics as possible trip hop, a massive healthy breakfast, metric fuck tons of water, weighted blanket, and 2 vistaril with prayers for a nap kinda day. Eventually, imma make a smoothie with my vitamin and have another lettuce bun burger bc somebody is craving protein. Perhaps a bath with epsom salt and some extra magnesium oil bc this girl knows how to panic party.

If I nap enough, I might just be up and at ‘em in time to make dinner and fall asleep shortly thereafter. Woooo!


Okay, I feel like it’s worth noting that I was searching for the above ghost butthole meme again (July 2020 photos, FYI) and I found the haunted bum one below. I just…. Need to find a way to organize my memes, I think…. I can’t find my fucking cup of most of the time, but damn if I don’t know when I found a good meme…Maybe I should get help. Not sure.


#keepingthehotinpsychotic #recovery #recoverfrompsychosiswithme #youdozeups #youdozedowns #donotdisturbandchill

Other Tools

Trauma Informed Yoga with Urban Lotus YouTube channel (there’s also a weekly zoom)


LaughingDragonStudios on TikTok


The Mix Curator on YouTube


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