Itchy Butt Manifesto

Abortions, adoption, 3 kids I call mine

What is it about Chaos seeming so divine?

Do I need a pyre every time I change?

Vamping a smile when life seems so strange?

Laughing’s my only medicine, it seems

Can’t tell the difference when life’s lived in dreams

Tired of drowning in these 2” streams

So easy to lose when I forget what life means

Something, something, call me deranged

Can’t help but be feral when they want me tamed

Don’t wanna be a rat, can’t be kept in a cage

Smashing these pumpkins with bullets, my butterfly, and metric fuck tons of rage

Eyeliner can’t hide the tears I have cried

Chasing my nightmares, night after night

Keep the hot in psychotic and put up that fright-fight

Life’s lost wandering, wondering why I won’t die

Ah, yesterdays are nothing, a day in the life

Strugglebuses of choices, loving my strife

…(Suicidal ideation is a weird fucking Game of Life) …right?

Lemme try some Monopoly, quit at 2 AM

Shitting on Baltic, craps in my hand

I’ll be a gambler, but a Karmic Casino

Moneyshots, jackpots, the new life and legacy of one DainaReno

Editor’s note: I post a lot on my MahButtItches Facebook page, as well as my personal page Daina NahtDiana. Feel free to follow for lots of nonsense, memes, and babbling that may or may not be useful to others. Thanks for laughing, if you did.

The River Eminem/Ed Sheeran:

Dane Cook, Monopoly

High by the Beach Lana Del Rey

High by the Beach, Chris Webby

Hit ‘Em Up Style, Carolina Chocolate Drops

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