“Mother is the Name for God on the Lips and Hearts of all Children”

When a person is shamed, or has behaved wrongly, etc. I’ve heard “you’ve forgotten the face of your father” I never have heard you’ve forgotten the face of your mother. What is a society that overwhelmingly and primarily doesn’t know their mother? Doesn’t acknowledge their mother? Expects everything of their mother, but gives her only strife? What is a society if the mother accepts this as so? What is a society if mother has become so forgotten, she forgets her own faces? What is a tree so rotted at the core, the branches rip it apart in the wind? What is life when the giver has none to give? If a woman screams in a forest, and everyone is around to hear it, does she even make a sound? If our trees of life has branches that touch the heavens, and roots that reach down to hell, does anyone need to be around to hear if it falls?

Inspired by this post:


My YouTube Music Playlist (being updated)


A POeM for the MOdern MOther

I am Little Bo Peep, but all my sheep

Don’t like it when I count them

They like to pretend they are my friend

But all they say is to end it

Little Boy Blue – I’ll blow you, I’m horny,

Sometimes good days should come with warnings

What the fuck did I do last week?

Any a day I feel relief, is only ‘cause I spent it asleep

But I can play Miss Muffet sitting on tuffets

With big smiles, I’m really okay!

Hiding the spiders and webs that dance through my head

With big smiles, I’m really okay!

Sometimes things go in violent swings

And I’m in another dimension entirely

Then life becomes cursed, a fucked up verse

Not belonging, or having a reason to my rhyme, here

Hush now baby, I can’t cry

My psych put me on an SSRI

Mama kill the bird-y mocking me,

I can’t stop shaking from anxiety



I’m unglued

I’m unglued in the morning

And I hear some voices too

I’m unglued in evenings,

Staring at full moons

Teardrops, Teardrops from my eyes

Like a diamond in the sky

Wake up, Wake up little star

Don’t forget you got this far

Now I lay me down to shake

I pray to God to let me sleep

If I die before I break,

Please, no more for my soul to take

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