You have some of your Yang in my Yin

“It’s good that he is quiet, because that means he is thinking. When smart people aren’t ruled or overpowered by their emotions, they can think, and they can solve the problem. That’s a good thing, unless you’re the problem.”

While he’s thinking, she’s remembering. When they’re raging, the problems that “can’t be solved” multiply. Inspired by dirty dishes, disrespect, patriarchy, white supremacy and communication. Following on to this post.

When you have learned to hate yourself, you will be meanest to those who are kind to you, and kindest to those who are mean. This is the destructive face of love. This is the chaos face of love. As you adjust to naturally giving to others what they are giving you, this rebalances. This is the justice face of love, this is the balanced face of love, this is the harmonious face of love. Ultimately, you can give nothing but love because you will be surrounded by and embodying love. This is the one face of love.

The Yin Yang is not just about the darkness in the light and the light within the darkness. It is not a balancing act of the two, either. The most important part of the Yin Yang is the path through the middle, and like love, and nature, it winds and curves with the changes and the energies at hand. Only man builds in straight lines, not that straight is bad – houses would be interesting without 45 degree angles. Not that the Yin Yang are opposites. They are interconnected to build the whole. Certainly not that the Yin Yang is just darkness and light or black and white.

Nature and love don’t discriminate. There is as much love in a tornado, as there is in the rain, as there is in the sunshine. Yet, imbalance and disharmony can be disruptive, chaotic forces in all of creation. Creation came to be from chaos, though. Love is the storms, love is the calm, yet choice and free will is ours. We choose the path, we choose the faces, we choose the focus, we choose the response or reaction, we choose our life, we choose our love.

Black and white will make you see red

Grey is the essence when minding the mind

Awareness is something like opening eyes

A rainbow begins when choosing to see

The gold is in the moment it will always be

I find it worth noting autocorrect capitalized Yang but not Yin.


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