Finally “with it” and “hip”

🤣 I accidentally got addicted to to Tiktok weeks ago. I’ve been wanting to make a TikTok so I could both be with it and hip. (Tuck a tuck a tuck a) I’ve been all nervous because of my ego.

Then, as with all things, the immortal words of Jon Davis at the beginning of Clown rang clear as a bell in my head. And I, as always, did in fact, “just fucking do it, dammit”. I am not sure which part of that statement is better – the part that it is 💯 true, or the part that the one true metric of my intuition that I know, and always heed, regardless of any externals IS Jon Davis telling me to “Just fucking do it dammit” how could I ever have doubted this is the best life?

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