Things I want to remember

Soooo, things I want to remember, let’s see: Defy on Friday, girls date with my Livie Lou Who to Slice of Cake, Michaels, and this super cute new gift store on Saturday, Sky Tavern Sunday, Roller Skating Monday, Costco, catching up on cleaning, and boys shooting BBs today. It’s been a good time. Liv and Ty are both riding chairlifts at Sky Tavern, Zack moved up a level. It was one of those days I forced my brain to record because it’s all this good stuff that makes it easier to see on murkier days.

Things on my mind…I really need to learn the skill of consciously choosing my thoughts instead of listening to my thoughts. Meditation has helped me become aware of the difference but… I just read this quote “ADHD is a condition of knowing plenty, struggles to do much”

I read this book “Everyone in this Room Will Someday be Dead” and it hit a little too close to home. I realized how much I had been listening to my thoughts instead of choosing. And in reading the narrators babbling of consciousness, I realized how much time I lose swept up in the same sorts of confusing noise.

There’s just so much hell disguised as the word should.

Why does it perpetually feel like I do the exact opposite of what the little voice inside my head says? Also, why does everything have to be an argument in my head, long winded discussion, and random songs that never stop?

I don’t really like Taylor Swift but I seem to wake up with her music stuck in my head most often.

I randomly fixated on InkMaster. Like seasons 3 and 4, not even recent. It reminded me how much I love Dave Navarro. So I read his book “Don’t Try This at Home – a Year in the Life of Dave Navarro”. Crazy read, really different, amazing story. That lead me to listening to Red Hot Chili Peppers constantly.

I really love them. They’ve always been a band I listened to on the radio and they get overplayed to the point I start to hate songs. But, there’s so many good songs. And now that I’m listening beyond the radio, there’s so many more good songs. I’m very glad I randomly got obsessed with InkMaster for a minute there.

I also watched Ozark and caught up on Peacemaker. It’s making me feel weird how much more TV I’ve been watching lately, but I go through phases with everything. It does make me think I gotta write more. “If I have time for this, I have time for that”

I desperately need a glass of water.


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