Trying to figure out how to channel anxiety into something other than creating more anxiety.

I could try tossing cliches at it…

“If everything is a priority, nothing is”

“gratitude is the best attitude”

“what you pay attention to is what you attract”

“calm thy tits”

Last one helped. It’s always the funny stuff that works best.

Anyway, the good ole grey matter decided today was the day to worry about everything, and I was informed by my dear, sweet, exasperated husband that my anxiety is like a hydra. If that’s not apt perception, I don’t know what is.

Ram Dass talked about this zoom in zoom out thing. That if you take a super zoomed in picture of a cloud, you can’t see all the sky around it, so it looks like it’s all cloudy. If you zoom out, though, you can see there’s a big blue sky around the cloud. That’s how it feels for me with anxiety. I hyperfocus on clouds and it’s really hard to get perspective that it’s not all terrible. Realistically, it’s only terrible in my head.

I think that’s the hardest thing to remember is that whatever the cause of the panic suffocating me or sitting on my chest… it’s not even real.

Here’s some of the tips I love to forget whenever I’m struggling with anxiety:

-Breathe deeply

-Don’t focus on the anxiety, focus on a bigger picture like Ram Dass says

-Whatever you are anxious about isn’t happening right now, and right now is all you have to worry about

-Write everything you are anxious about down – usually it’s smaller in text than in your head

-Find some funny stuff and laugh, mock your anxiety, mock yourself, stop being so serious

Anyway, kids are up, I can’t focus for shit now. Don’t let anxiety choke you today.

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