Weeds don’t get better til you pull them

From the garden today

Weeds don’t get better til you pull them.

I see my house and my garden as metaphors for my head. It feels good to clean them out, but I definitely wonder if I spend to much time at home in the first place.

It’s often easier to start before you think about it. Weeds are always bigger in my head, it never takes that long really.

Excuses are the biggest form of disempowerment. A lot of time it’s hard telling the difference between an excuse and the truth, but I am starting to see an excuse always undercuts the thing that would be best. The more excuses, the better it probably is for you to do.

Acceptance isn’t just taking what is. It’s more like making what is align with what you want. A lot of times I find myself wanting something different than what is going on. Then I stop and see why what is going on is what I want. That makes it easier to make what I want be what is going on. Less weeds that way.

Forgiveness is a tough word but I think it’s something like weeding too. Maybe I don’t have to let the past keep popping up as much. And when it does, maybe not wasting so much time being upset about it and just do the work.

The work being reminding myself that I chose. So many thoughts feel like they choose me like flies landing all over no matter what I do. To forgive is something else. Not letting the flies or the weeds or the past bother you.

Otherwise it’s never just a weed or just a fly. It’s perpetual. When it could be a reminder. A way to see what You want in the situation.

Today, I’ll try to remember that anxiety is like a warrior tending a garden. It’s tough to put the battle gear down and put on a sun hat. But sometimes, tending the gardens makes it easier to fight the bad guys. Today, I’ll remember that what is and what I want are far more closely related then I’d like to remember, and that forgiveness is needed as frequently as the weeds pop up. I don’t have to have a long coming to terms with a weed, nor do I have to be forced into a past I decided to forget. For myself, of course. Today, I’ll remember that forgiving myself is often tougher than pulling weeds. And I can be thankful for the reminder.

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