Damned these lies on

Why do we kill dandelions?

They’re actually a food and a remedy. They’re just a flower, but we call them a weed. They grow everywhere like crazy, but they get sprayed and pulled up. It’s weird. It’s like we pick the dumbest shit to fight the hardest and it makes no sense.

Couldn’t people just eat dandelions?

Like, why do we kill off edible stuff, or even just shit that’s growing naturally in the environment, but we spend all this water, money, and resources on something as stupid as grass.

Why the hell do people grow grass in the desert?

And then kill off weeds and sagebrush and dandelions, but preserve grass? It just makes no sense, we’re not cows, why do we grow so much grass? There are so many water friendly alternatives that would grow better, hell I bet a yard full of dandelions wouldn’t need sprinklers and all this other noise to survive in a climate it’s not even meant to grow in.

It just seems like if we were gardeners, we’d kill the tomatoes and grow the suckers. It feels that way sometimes. That’s a deep metaphor, bruh.

Why are we so separate from nature? Does anyone else feel like somehow they’re piloting a meat suit puppet? Not even well, mind you, just kind of stubbing your toe continuously on life?

They say brevity is the soul of wit, but sometimes I think it’s far easier to go on longer.


Three cups of coffee, and frustration at my water bill

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