Press Play

-the mind often feels like an overplayed cassette tape. A mix that’s been rewound and replayed so many times, the sides have bled through and the music has become warbled and confusing. Side A and Side B, like past and future, bleed together in a cacophony of nonsense.

-how can time simultaneously be a man made construct (invented to sell watches, of course) yet our most valuable currency? If time is money, what has been bought all these years? Old, crappy cassettes?

-in that light, how much time has been spent listening to old garbled noise, when something new could play instead?

-the kids turn everything into a game. Whenever they are in that imagination playground, they get chores or whatever done with laughing and playing. Could something mundane like the dishes be an adventure?

-what if the mind is just a sink full of dirty dishes? Has most of my life been spent staring at and talking about dirty dishes, and wouldn’t it be easier to just clean them? It seems taking a few moments to pore over the dish/thought/emotion, see what the problem is and take care of it is far easier than leaving a sink overflowing with dirty dishes.

-Like I always say to the kids: something is always far more than nothing.

There’s a difference in my own internal monologue depending on if I’m inquisitive or declarative. It seems to me the kids inner monologue is a perpetual, how can this be more fun? I have to wonder what any day could be if less “why me?” And more “why not?” Shrugging and pursuing the things that bring happiness versus stewing on everything that’s not.

Could experiences be handled like a dirty dish? It seems the natural response is to stuff it in the sink and let it soak for years til hopefully one day it’s shiny and new. Yet, every time I stop and do the dishes, it does far more than soaking or stewing. It takes so much less time to just do it then just stew on it.

Imagine a day where thoughts could just be paper plates of the mind. Tossed out with no further thought or ado. Hell, the kids don’t even avail themselves of trash cans most of the time, and I clean it up. I think they’re the smarter half of this operation.

Today, play. Whatever it is, find the fun, find the peace, find new tracks for your mind to play. Ditch the cassette, and try Spotify. You never know what the cosmic DJ can spin.

And of course – there’s plenty of dirty dishes calling you to the next adventure.


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