A convo with ____

-perception is just like a Snapchat filter of reality. It interpets everything and goes unquestioned. imagine how many moments of any day are colored by the lens of perception. How many thoughts or feelings are nothing more than seeing a dancing hot dog that’s not even there?

-anything taken seriously can no longer be fun. Or, maybe, the relationship of fun and seriousness in any aspect of life is inversely proportional.

-give what you want to get. It’s as simple as create the world you want, be the change you want – but it is always happening. It’s hard to accept the world is what was wanted, but how many distorted lenses have been projecting reality? Does anyone want the dancing hot dog life? And how often does perception or projection go unquestioned?

Would god or any initial/unifying source want suffering? Why does anyone choose or want suffering? Could the filter create the suffering, and can it be taken off?

How can love be neutral?

Better yet, how can love be fun?

Do these words write themselves or are they being written?

Why is it so hard to see god if god is that I am?

Life feels like a light switch terrified of getting flipped. Life feels like love shifted around. As if we can see the letters, but it’s all in the wrong order. The love of life and the life of love seem to happen in the space between a pen hitting paper or thumbs typing words. It’s never the thoughts, it’s what happens when those thoughts become action. And it’s never separate though it seems to be. But I swear the best things happen when words write, thumbs type, or life loves as love lives. It seems to me the thoughts get it the way, or maybe it’s the filter of perception. Like looking through glass when you could be outside.

If you want someone to understand you, the best place to start is by understanding them. How often are you listening, and how much did you just interpret? Did you hear them, or just yourself in a different voice? how many convos have you had with yourself, and what new things did you learn?

The better definition of insanity is creating new problems to find old solutions.

Don’t forget the laundry, and the kids destroyed the kitchen. Get some sunshine.


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