Small Talk



Sharp life knives

Roast beef flesh

And Sunday dinner smiles

Mashed potato mountains

I once dreamed I could move

Hand stirs the pot

The knife carves through what

The smile gets bigger

Time for dinner

The gravy is lies, salt, and pepper

Stirred in this sanity like a thickening roux

Poured into the boat


In wine or water

Who knew?

And it doesn’t matter

Since dinner is ready

The twitching can just come and go

It’s best to see what you want to see

Asking too many questions

Can get the answers

You didn’t want to know

Did I forget the biscuits?

Well dammit.

Another dinner I couldn’t do

Melted candlesticks and my mind

Marking the time


Dessert could bring good news

All the cheesecakes can’t abate

The feeling I’m

at the wrong table

At the wrong time

I don’t belong here

Do you?

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