Project Lyght

Groove is a brand new release by Lyght. I really love his music and I’ve been watching him grow as an artist and person for awhile now. It’s so cool watching what art can do for all of us. And the fact that anyone can benefit from the art…it’s a lot nicer to think hey, maybe one person digs my music or poem or whatever then hey, I’m screwing over a lot of folks or whatever.

There was a time I would never have even checked out EDM and now EDM is one of my faves to listen to. I love how it makes me get out of my head and in a new space. It’s the same space I write from. Lyght’s music helps me connect to that space, which helps me become a better person. How cool is that? We’re just healing each other through creating. Or, really, are we just learning to be ourselves by doing the things we wanted to do when we were little? Before we grew up, before money was something that mattered, before we learned who we were supposed to be and forgot who we are?

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