I feel like anything could be going on in the world, and I can find peace and happiness in this song. It’s like going to church for me. The instrumentation combined with NDGT’s words remind me how blessed I am to be alive right now. That I get to hear this. That I get to share life with people who are capable of this level of magnificence. I find when I listen to it, I go to the stars and I feel the creation, and I feel the creative force that began. That ocean of something that I can’t describe, but I’m a drop in it as is everyone else. And I can feel the power of the ocean concentrated in that single drop. I can feel myself as a single star in the myriads of light, and I can feel all the power of the universe shining through a pinprick that I gaze upon in wonder. It feels so perfectly united, so perfectly aligned. It feels as though I am a dancer in a cosmic ballet, and though I cannot name my composer, the music and I are as one. For I must celebrate the dancer as much as the dance. And to truly be alive, I must just take the time to hear the music, because music and life are the same – a perfect union of contrary things. Ordinary chaos. Jumbo shrimp. A big bang.

In all that floating wonder, dancing on the notes, I remember I don’t have to feel the pain or shame or blame. I don’t have to divide. I don’t have to conquer. I am nothing but an illusion, yet somehow, I’m the one controlling the dials in the first place.

I can see the game of fear. I can see the game of control. I can see the games and all those playing their very best of those games. I choose…

Sailing away beyond the reach of anyone. Far beyond the dreams of everyone. No light to follow. I’ll shine in the dark. Does anybody know? Sailing away beyond the reach of anyone. Far beyond the dreams of everyone. High from the heavens, I can’t see the pain. Does anybody care?

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