Ma Ma Ma Ma Mad Mad Madness

Did Eurydice save Orpheus, or did he save her?

But Nietzsche said “without music, life is meaningless” as he proposed to Salome

If madness lies in genius, or the other way around

La Petit Mort whispered with quivers

Cupid stole a quiver, to feed his surefire bow

Inspired Van Gogh’s ear the ticking of Poe’s telltale heart

Is the crow chasing the butterfly?

How many times did Dionysus die for Zeus’ love of Semele?

If all love creates the fire, if passion breeds desire


Is not the Phoenix the greatest love of all?

Newton’s love of energy says it cannot be destroyed

That pesky law of attraction, on the other hand…

Did the Phoenicians make Pythagoras purple triangle?

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      1. 🙂 It is so odd, I could not tell you what specifically I ever read, it was always bits and pieces here and there. I spent so much time immersed in fiction (stephen king mainly hehe) that everything else was more research type reading.

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