The ocean of me and you

There’s the part of me that’s wildly hopeful for what’s to be. There’s part of me scared of how long it takes to get there and what okay will even look like. There’s part of me feeling that familiar has died, and the unknown wants me in terror. Then I remember that all I have is right now and I try to stay present. How many moments are the first and the last? Yet it’s so easy for distraction.

It’s not that I’m scared of what is to come, or even the journey to the next horizon. I guess I just wonder how much and how many will trade their humanity for survival.

I don’t have any answers. Life has proven whenever I know something, I’ve asked for a test. And I’m tired of chasing dragons. I’ve learned through the years that peace and happiness only exist when I listen to my own wisdom. And right now all I hear are her cries and mine, hoping the water can put out some fires.

As a child we’re born
From the ocean of her
The amniotic waves that bring us to life
We forget that the sea
Is you and me
And when I hurt you
It’s because I’m hurting

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