United we… Divided we…

It makes me really sad and disappointed to see how much divisiveness is reported/talked about. I’m already seeing: white people are doing more of xyz or black people are doing xyz….No, there are people peacefully protesting and there are people angrily rioting. It’s also coming into question over and over again who these rioters are. MN is saying these are not our residents. Videos show random palettes of bricks left in the streets of NY with no construction even remotely around. Isn’t that weird? Photographs are circulating that the looting started with a cop posing as a protester.

And why wouldn’t this be happening? We’re supposed to be fighting with each other. We’re supposed to tell each other that you suck because you are a democrat, or a republican, or you’re black or you wore a mask or you think Taylor Swift is amazeballs. It doesn’t matter. Our distraction and our infighting is profitable. Our fear is profitable. Our unity? Our peace? Our deterimination and focus? These are our inherent superpowers gifted by our pure humanity. Our focus is shot to shit right now, because we can’t remember a couple simple rules: Love God, Love each other. It doesn’t matter who said it or what religion started it. We all know this is as fundamental as inhale and exhale. Suffering is bred when we choose fear over love.

Sin does not mean doing naughty things. Sin is separation. There’s a lot of sinning going on. Not looking at porn, not smoking your weed, not standing in your backyard howling at the moon buck naked. Sin is separation. Sin is forgetting who you are and where you came from. Sin is forgetting that we all suffer here so that we grow here and eventually, we go somewhere else. Who the hell knows where and who the hell knows why? But we all get a life, we all get a death, and we all get a choice what to do with it. And if you give that choice to someone else…Well, you get what we have here.

I watched live stream after live stream (which are being taken off FB for some random reason…I guess we’re not supposed to see unedited raw footage of what our country looks like without a talking head helping you “think for yourself”)

I saw people chanting “This is what unity looks like”. I heard over and over again: “they want us divided. they want us fighting. We are easier to control if they keep us hating each other.” I saw so many people gathered together across so many cities in peace and a minority caused the destruction.

I saw people united as friends, as fellow Americans peacefully standing together. I saw people destroying a lot of shit too, but there was more peace. I saw tear-gas and all sorts of suppression tactics launched on peaceful protesters and rioters.

I heard “Whose streets? Our streets” chanted in unison by hordes of people in cities across the country.

I saw people trying to stop the violence and looting. I saw supposed residents of these cities asking for directions as they looted. Since when do people not know their way around where they live?

There is no scenario that is ever one or the other. Nothing ever makes sense that way. No label applies to a group of 10 folks let alone millions. If you look at a group of people – regardless of what the group is – and you apply some judgement against them in a sweeping manner, that’s the problem. If you can’t look in another person’s and see that they are human, they are worthy of love, respect, dignity, forgiveness – not for any reason but they are here, alive, and have a soul… it doesn’t matter what the label is. Labels rob us of humanity. This is not a time to fight with each other. This is a time to see we are all sisters and brothers. How many times do we have to see what the power of the people is before we start using the power of the people?

Sin is separation. They want us fighting. They want us divided. They want us blaming. They want us shaming. They want us to point fingers and make hashtags. God is love – in whatever form or deity you select, love is it. Fear and love. Separation and unity. Anything else is just focusing on a label and being a minister to the word

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  1. I wholeheartedly agree. I find it interesting that these situations always end up the same way. With peaceful protests turning into looting and rioting that distracts from the very reason why there was protest in the first place.

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    1. Yeah it just happened last night in Reno. It was a completely different group. The peaceful protest was prayers from all the different communities and speakers from
      All the different communities. It was all about unity.

      Then another group vandalized the police station and it devolved into swat and natl guard getting called in.


      1. I’m in two minds about it – either it’s a coordinated effort by higher ups to undermine the peaceful protests or people are deliberately travelling to these places just so they can take advantage of the situation.

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      2. I think it’s both for sure. I think there’s a coordinated effort to undermine the protests in conjunction with the power of stupidity and perceived anonymity. There’s just always gonna be people
        Who capitalize for their own personal gains regardless of the why or where. I also think there’s people
        Who aren’t part of the coordination but also want to discredit the protests purely bc they are racist. It’s like any group you could look at is gonna have their bad eggs and we’re just seeing em
        All come out of the woodwork. It’s like the internet IRL 🤣

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