Tweaking a Bob Marley quote

I wish we were all people who did not need labels to divide and used labels purely to describe. I wish people did what made them connect with happiness, joy, and authenticity, accepted everyone for who they are and listened to whatever helps them become more of who they are. I wish money didn’t make us who we are. I just wish we could redo society and remember what works for me may not work for you, and no one has an authority on what works or doesn’t work for another because we’re all on different paths. I wish we could trust in the goodness of each other, instead of projecting the fear we have of ourselves onto another. I wish love was seen as a force of nature where tornadoes and sunshine are viewed as parts of the same whole, and while maybe we don’t understand why, we can see the inherent perfection of nature and that we each are a part of that inherent perfection. I wish we could remember the worst people in our lives have made the greatest changes, and that is part of love. I wish society could remember the many faces of god, and that is found in all forms of life. Especially our sisters and brothers.

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