Inner Peace is replacing or with and

An open/expansive mind has far more ; and ? then any .

The ability to hold seeming contradictions is a sign of intellect and critical thinking. The inability to see perspectives beyond your own signify a closed mind. The ability to accept conflicting states of emotion – like being happy and sad – is the doorway to inner peace. Inner peace is the only true freedom we have.

Can you think someone is an ignorant pile of feces AND love them? Can you disagree fundamentally with everything another says AND still be respectful and kind? Can you feel someone is wrong and understand they have their own experiences that created their worldview? And it’s okay for everyone to be different? When someone is at peace with themselves, they have no one left to fight.

The less “or” , the more peace. The more peace, the more freedom.

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  1. I’ve been working with my therapist on empathy/understanding response instead of righteous/rage response. I am a fan of righteous rage, really good for the skin lol, but I will spend 7 or 8 hours on HOW DARE THEY! and I need to work more toward “That belief they have probably causes them a great deal of pain” My brother told me the other day “women peak in their looks at 18, they go from hot to hag in under a year.” Thats a sad belief to have, AND TO BE COMPLETELY WRONG ABOUT , I mean, er, sad. lol

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    1. I hear you. I am trying to remind myself that like… anything anyone says has nothing to do with me. Right now, I keep flying into psychotic rages about everything going on. Then I take a deep breath and remember that my life is a result of my choices. And I can choose to be angry or I can choose apathy. Or whatever emotion or response. I find that when I scrutinize my inner cacophony, it often shuts up because it isn’t me, has nothing to do with me, and I can let it go. And yeah you’re exactly right, when someone is being a flaming shitbag, it’s because they feel like/speak to themselves like they’re a flaming shitbag. Then it’s easier to be like, Wow, I’m glad I’m
      Not you lol

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