Make Words Mean their Definitions Again!

Remember when words meant their definition? If I said literally, I meant something was not figurative. Yet now, figuratively is the new literally and I [insert whatever word you like regardless of definition] can’t even

Remember when tolerant meant tolerant? Even if you did not agree, you could tolerate differing opinions? Agree to disagree? Now, tolerance only seems to be reserved for a select class where it’s okay to be okay with certain types of people. However, it is not okay to be okay with other types of people.

…..That is the antithesis of tolerance, yet somehow, it’s the mainstream definition of tolerance. It’s like opposite day is real and every day, but no one is sure which day. Cause…opposites mean the same thing apparently!

It’s somehow perfectly logical to simultaneously hate anyone who disagrees with you, verbally abuse them, wish they catch the virus people are so deathly afraid of, and still say you are tolerant, preach love and acceptance, and…hate people in the name of love, compassion, and a desire for everyone to be okay*.

(*Except for the people you do not want to be okay because fuck those guys. They don’t agree, and I’m too tolerant to tolerate disagreement. I just want peace and acceptance for everyone who accepts what I accept.)

It’s not loving to wish someone death. That’s hate. It’s not loving to judge others… I mean, these are like Jesus 101 things, and if you don’t dig Jesus, fine…Buddha, Mohammed, [insert deity/prophet/inspirational historical figure’s name here] ALL of them have been like, yeah you know…love…peace…chill out. Stop hating on each other and killing each other and just…dig it. Life’s cool. (paraphrasing) and the thing is—- we killed most of them too. (oops)

SO, I get it. It’s not new, it’s just annoying that we’re still hating each other in the name of love. And I get most of these people are afraid, but FEAR and LOVE are opposites. Just like literally and figuratively…except it’s much more confusing and dangerous to swap those words…If people say love but mean fear … shit gets scary quick, man. It feels to me that society is the abusive lover that tells us one thing while literally meaning another.

Fear makes people do stupid things. Sure. Absolutely. As anyone is in flight or fight mode – survival mode – the brain diverts a lot of functions to keep you alive. It’s not really necessary to be able to paint a masterpiece if you are running from a cheetah. So those functions go. So I can see why people put mattress bags over their heads or go grocery shopping in full scuba gear…I get it, I’d do it in non-pandemic situations, because why not fuck with people?

However…and this is a big however:

Critical thinking and logic are one of those functions we don’t need to survive (as evidenced by society)  This means our minds – in these fear states – aren’t functioning rationally. It also makes anyone in this state susceptible to brainwashing, programming, and easily being manipulated/controlled, etc. It’s not good. This is a function meant to keep you alive (short term!)…But alive and living aren’t the same. So that also means, the functions discarded by our brains might not be necessary to survive, but they are important to living. Just like our vision changes to see more of our immediate surroundings in fight or flight, or we lose the ability to see big picture/long term goals and such – none of those things are needed to keep us alive, but they’re certainly handy in the day-to-day.

Right now, though, we’re being triggered to these states because we’re being bombarded with information suggesting we’re all gonna die. (this is not new, it’s just consolidated now – everything is all about the virus killing us, instead of tons of other ways to trigger people into fear states and brainwash them into buying shit they don’t need, but that is another story) And the thing is, none of us have experienced anything like this, so of course we’re off our game…But, when critical thinking, reasoning, and logic go out the window… what is left?

I think indifference is the only path to rationality. These emotions triggering fear states eliminate logic and reason. That’s me. I’m apathetic and indifferent – by the actual definition. I’m not apathetic in the sense that I actually give a lot of shits or that I put a lot of shit on Facebook about who you should vote for and then not vote. #slactivism

Apathy is an armor like no other. But it has such negative connotation, especially in this (in)tolerant society. But, in this game I’m not playing, emotions are being used against people. And I refuse to let my emotions be manipulated because they are being manipulated to fear and fear disguised as love.

I don’t want to play this stupid game. I feel like I’m watching both extremes eat themselves alive. At the end of the day, I don’t care. I don’t. If I’m going to die of a virus, then it was my time to go. I apologize that I’m not in a constant fear state. My lack of fear seems to be triggering people to freak the fuck out and try to scare me or some shit. I’m sorry Janet, I’ve almost killed myself like 20983473 times, I can’t force myself to be afraid of an ending I always knew was coming…(i.e. death…it happens to us all)

I saw, “The reason you feel normal is that chaos was your normal. In the chaos, you feel at home” and damn if that didn’t tickle me in a weird spot because that is true. I’ve said it about myself – I thrive in chaos. So, I guess I can see things more clearly than someone who isn’t accustomed to chaos. Or, because I just don’t care.

Somehow, it’s wrong to not have strong feelings because without strong feelings, how the hell can you bitch about people on the internet? And as I’m bitching about people on the internet, I’m not really bitching about them. It’s grammar. It’s words. It’s communication, dammit. If y’all wanna hate on each other and whatever, fine.. FINE – kill yourselves, beat each other senseless, wish all sorts of evil on each other, but GODDAMMIT…use words properly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you are gonna hate on another human, please stop calling yourself tolerant. If you are gonna tell me we are all one, please stop wishing for a person who is part of your oneness to die of a virus, if you are gonna tell me god loves us all, then stop praying to god to get me sick. I’m just saying! Hypocrisy is now being called logical… MAKE WORDS MEAN THEIR DEFINITION AGAIN DAMMIT!

I just want words to mean what they are defined as. How in the hell are we supposed to communicate if our definitions, connotations, and context are as clearly defined and selected as someone throwing a dart at a word board and going with that?  It’s like most people operate as an 8-year old that just learned “fuck” and suddenly, fuck works for everything. And the thing is – fuck does work in every situation. But fuck is a special word.

Tolerant, Acceptance, Literally — these words have actual definitions. I feel like cracking open a dictionary during quarantine could really, really improve life for literally everyone.


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