Wash Your Damn Hands!

Wash Your Damn Hands!


I feel the black fingers

Curling around my white throat


The venom is seeping

Though my eyes are still dry


Yesterday came to visit

It brought a black horse


It whipped me and rode me

‘Til I made a choice


When Tomorrow came calling

I was lost again


Dizzied and searching

Finding nothing but dead ends


It seems like it doesn’t matter

If I go north or south


They have me enraptured

And I can’t seem to get out


Who is the they I speak of?

I don’t fucking know


It’s every black finger

Wrapped around my white throat


Not black as a color

But the shades of my soul


Where every time I seek goodness

Hell equals home


Not home as the building

But the stairs of my mind


These thoughts I keep climbing

Have me falling down


Where I say I’m moving

In my hamster wheel life


The whispers are starting

I try to stay deaf


Past and Tomorrow are coming

To show me I’m wrong


And the black fingers tickle

The whites of my eyes


Where I cannot tell

The colors I cry


And what does right matter?

Downward I climb


I don’t know what I’m left with

Since the goddamn fingers 





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