Where few is too many

Too many is not enough

I’m caught with these answers

To questions I didn’t ask

the more of this quest I am on

I find the answers live solely

in my imagination


Where I am like the dust

in a sandstorm

Trying to say which way

the wind is blowing

In my own tornado of always knowing

but to do what I am told

takes this force within my soul


Where I keep asking why

when the question is how

And I do not know

is always the final bow

In these eyelids I call curtains

or is it the other way around?


This quest I am on, makes me press on

Where why is not the answer, but what, I do not know

So these curtains of my eyes

make me oblige

like I am an arrow

in the hole of my side

because I am so crossed

by my own divide

It’s like the more I try

the less I find


And all I want to know is

what do I do next

and if these words in my head mean I am cursed

or I am blessed

but the more answers I get

In this quest that I push on

The more I see the lines so blurry

Between the divine damnation

And I do not know becomes

the melee and the maelstrom that is me


Who am I if not the product of my addiction?

And who holds the lighter

when I keep pressing off?

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