Muse’s Release


There is no sin and there is no penance. All she wants is to teach you lessons. There’s never too long for her to wait, so worry not, it’s never too late.  Time exists only if given meaning. The Fate that speaks when you are dreaming, in signs and whispers, sometimes screaming. Open your eyes so you can see. Night is not only when we dream. Trust for a day, open your eyes, believe that life is synonymous with surprised. Accept the possible in impossibility. Then you will be free to simply be. Blind no more to finally see the mystery and miracle of synchronicity.

Then sun bleeds red upon its set, his death gives birth to her moonset.  Bathed and birthed in the blood of our mother, our first wrong lesson that we were other. Seeking her arms to find some ease, she teaches us our own disease. No longer hearing songs in the breeze. We learn lessons conflicting with inner wisdom, punished for our intuition. Taught to believe with sick unease love’s just a word, the antonym of free. We choose to become what they want us to be. Noose by noose we hang our dreams. The ego takes over insidiously since healthy people don’t disagree. Problem children tossed in hell, we take our pills so we are well, mouths sewn shut so we can’t tell, we paint our beauty in your tortoise shells.

There aren’t any wrongs when everything is alright. We need darkness to love the light. Accept you are what you choose to be. See yourself when you see me. Listen to my message clear: There is nothing here for you to fear. Pain or death ours exclusively, we made winning a new way of losing, staying ignorant to our duty, too busy replaying our hell like a favorite movie. But even then, she gives us lessons. Each mistake a learning session.  If you want to change your story, take back your pen, stop being sorry. Like step 1 in alchemy, transmute your blood into beauty.

God created all with just some words, what can happen if your true voice is heard? You’ve seen the power of your own disaster, what could happen when student becomes master?


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