I am tired of the bullshit; I am tired of the lies

I am tired of denial; I am tired of fake smiles


My head remains unbowed; my back is still not broken

I release the veil and the shroud, begin the unbecoming

When everyone is winning, I deny defeat


You can call me jackass, I’ll become the mule

The mule won’t budge for whips and shouts; he’ll move when time is due

You can call me bitch, I’ll become the dog

The dog fends off attackers, I’m barking right at you


You can shout til breathless, but I am now quite deaf

You can kick and you can scream, but I am full of breath

My skin and bones are made of ice, yet I am made of fire

Your words are nothing but hot air, as you paint yourself the liar

While you throw your tantrums, my brow is yours to beat

When all is said and all is done, it is you who tastes defeat

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