The Sleeping Dragon

Mah Butt Itches

His dragon burned down the world, but here it was his coffin

The rage and pain consumed, like a leper’s bleeding sores

He believes that he is darkness, he wants to suffer for his crimes

Broken down and full of sorrow, the dragon chopped off his own head

He tossed it on the floor, happy to be dead

I wished on every raindrop, that I could turn back time

Somehow, some way my wish was granted

A walking corpse reincarnate in front of my eyes

With perfect harmony, his muse rose like a phoenix

His soul and song became as one, as his music nursed him whole

The sun rose from his shoulders, as stars descended in his eyes

He played his heartbeat, unknowing he burned me alive

I sat in awe, but he never really noticed that he had plucked my heart

The blind would have seen the love I couldn’t hide, but he…

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