I Rose, I Roared

I Rose, I Roared


I am the rose of the universe

A destiny of putting her songs to verse

I am a bloom and she the stem

Her roots feed the beauty I am within


I swirl and twirl in this reality

Unfurling the beauty you reflect in me

The lies and the losses of time and space

When you look at me, you see her face


I am the bloom of the mother’s soul

When all are parts, there is still a whole

A rose cannot be without the stem

The thorns of our lives are what make us human


There is so much want for what we see

The blind perspective of who we’re supposed to be

But, inside each of us is divinity

A destined plot, our perfect seed

That what we want will come to be

Because we come of this earth like leaf to tree


A rose to bush, I rose to push

Come back and take your rightful throne

Choose your life, it is your own

I am what she wills me to be

I will make all dreams reality


For if I am the rose and she the stem

I will rise from any death to be planted again

For if I am part of the circle, where we began

But the spiral I am will never contend

To be stuffed in a box like I’m a present

And you are to judge what I am worth

And I am to care like you have more


We are the gift, the expression of us

These intangible merits that paint our shade

Though we fight so hard to become gray

Muddled in the mixture of right and wrong

Lost in isolation while we ignore ourselves

Putting our gifts on backburners and sell

Each of our blooms like they have no merit

A common gift, we devalue precious birth

Apologizing of our existence, disconnected earth


When our roots are the same as the blossom unfurls

We’re all a spiral of a truth unheard

Whatever makes your thorny side

Are the parts mother gave you 

To keep you alive


And if you are here, it’s as meant to be

Thorns and blooms, all make beauty

The rose is wanted for tenacity

What kills the weaker makes her strong

When the sun is beating, the water’s gone

She blooms so sweetly to remind again

The struggles you have are your perfection


The sooner you remember you are her child

You can show your true colors in wholly pride

You rose from dark to light

You were planted and birthed to shine

As the bloom of a seed of the divine


For you are a rose of the universe

A destiny of putting her songs to verse

We are the blooms, and we are the stem

We are the thorns, all part of the plan


A rose is a rose by any other name


It’s time for us all to become whole again

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