Q & A

Do you see darkness when you close your eyes?

Is it true?

Do you see stars in the night sky?

Is it you?

When I say me and you say you

Are we two?

When you look in my eyes

Do you see me too?


Could you be wrong and I am right?

Wanna fight?

Could we be right and they are wrong?

Why not both?

What if everything they said

The voices in my head?

Are what make these pills so red

If blue puts me back in bed

With all these voices in my head

I think I’ll take the red

Cause this life is like I’m dead

Where every day is the same

If you pay attention


I try to type it out

I’ve tried to scream and shout

But all I get for talking

Is shut up crazy


And that is quite alright

I wasn’t trying to fight

But I just wanted to share

Truth instead of dare


A thread pulled so taut

Can unravel quite a lot

If you start asking some more questions than you answer

Why is a worthless quest

Who may help I guess

But how gets us all so much farther


It doesn’t really matter what I say

You’ll go about your day

As will I 

When I float

In the ether


Either way, the I’s and You’s don’t matter

If you’d like to ask me what

I haven’t got a lot

But I can tell you that it’s worth the journey

There’s a lot of fools out there

Programmed like soft-skinned malware

And if it’s a question that brought you here

I wouldn’t stay too long

Because the mind has its own way of forgetting

Take notes if you dare

But I’ll tell you between friends

It never makes sense in the morning


It will be a brand old day

And you will come to me

And tell me how I am so crazy

And I will watch you loop

Around your programmed noose

And wonder how blue pillowed beds

Can make something so great

So lazy

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