Picasso Loved Crack

Picasso was once quoted to say, “Find what you are good at and give it away”

So I guess may-be I’ll start today

Throwing around words in my blasphemous play

I don’t know what I’ve got to say

Here are some words stuck in my head

Write! Write! I command it

You can stop when you’re dead

Unwrap the secrets one by one

Can unraveling mummies be undone?

While your smiles are so plastic

Don’t you dare do anything drastic

Like poke and prod around to see

If the monkey is on your back or just me?

Are there voices I can trust?

If you cry enough, can skin rust?

I’m bleeding out this pen again

But worry not, intrepid friend

The more we scribble and we giggle

The less we argue waggle wiggle

A get fucked porn of vs. rehearsed

LOL dear, there is no blame

It’s a societal sickness of the brain

The truth is that we’re all insane

Our wants and wishes split off in twain

Then comes down, around, and back again

Until you seek comfort from your only friend

The one you’ve neglected since you were 10,

The voice that is screaming, “Can you even pretend?

I want to come back to the place where I dream

Leave this hell of a hole, where it’s on to the next scheme”

When she screams, I can’t escape with a meme

I just comply complacently, since implicitly I know I must agree

I’ll write, I’ll write til I silence these silent screams

I’ll write, I’ll write til every wound bleeds

I’ll write, I’ll write til she gets what she needs

Take it away, I’m giving it free

I found a cracked out Picasso in me

I promise, little girl, I’ll make you smile

I’m finally down drowning in de Nile




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