A meditation on meditating with Covid (whoa, Meta)

You do not need statistical data nor exponential equations to learn the power of doing nothing.

5 minutes of meditation a day teaches how powerful doing nothing is. In fact, it saved my life.

Before I meditated, I was the type of person who worked 60 hour weeks, cooked huge dinners, cleaned the house, and packed every free minute with “quality time” to try and make me feel less guilty about working so much. It took a nervous breakdown to slow me down. I learned meditation in the mental hospital.

Meditation taught me how our minds crave stillness. Our world teaches us the opposite and everything is designed to split your attention and focus. But this stillness – that seems to be the opposite of everything we are taught – is more important than anything else. More gets done in nothingness.

I look at my old life with so much sadness. This woman so scared of her own mind she ran marathons a day just to avoid the noise in her head. She ran her body to the point it collapsed under itself and screamed for mercy. I can’t imagine living that way anymore, but then I thought I was superwoman. I was proud of myself. Now I laugh at myself.

Maybe on the other side of all this nothing, we won’t want to be so busy anymore. Maybe that’s not a bad thing. Maybe our society has hit the point my psyche did where too much of anything – good or bad – is simply too much.

5 minutes of meditation a day can teach many how doing nothing can save a life. It saved mine.

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