The Giving Tree (A poem and painting with my daughter)



My daughter asked for us to collaborate on a picture and poetry again. She painted these beautiful works of art and I wrote this for her. She asked me to share it with “other kids who might like it too” So, let us know if your kids liked it!

(My girl hustles if you want to buy some prints, too LOL)

The Giving Tree by Daina & Olivia

There is a special place I know
It is my favorite place to go
Colorful flowers grow on a tree
By the water, float with me

It is all the beauty that I paint
And all these things inspire it

When the flowers blossom, it is time
To make my wish from heart and mind
My tree gives me a flower as a gift
I keep it close so I’ll never forget
What I ask, I will get
If I dream it, I can do it
There is no problem: I CAN get through it

My mommy says we’re like superheroes
We take seeds and make them grow
It doesn’t need to be outside
The strongest seeds grow in our mind

Just remember that you are
A superhero gardener
We can plant just anything
What we wish on, we will bring
And you can wish for everything
And you can smile in the sun and rain
And you can dance and you can sing

She says it is my greatest gift
Making trees to go and wish
Because the seeds grow to be
All the things that make me me

There are no words to describe
All the power I have inside

When I use my creativity
There is nothing that can stop me
It is our power – yours and mine
Even in a scary time,
This is a place you can find
Even if you can’t see it
Close your eyes and imagine mine

Every day is a gift
And a chance to be creative
Plant the seeds and watch it grow

In the garden of our imagination

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