What are we spreading?

To say I needed this would be like saying water is wet.

Which it is, just as chaos is order and there’s bad in good and good in bad. ☯️

With everything going on, I keep saying: kindness, compassion, and gratitude can spread more quickly than any virus. We learn this truth in suffering. It is the pain that makes us ask the question that gives the answer. Pain is often our greatest teacher. It’s also our own mother’s pain when we are born. It is part of life, and suffering is usually caused more by trying to avoid the pain than accept what is.

What is right now is scary, confusing, uncertain.

At the same time, this virus just holds a very true mirror to our faces. We can die at any moment. We can suffer at any moment. But in every moment, we have a choice. To be here for your life, to experience the rainbow of life, and to appreciate the life you have or survive the life you don’t want. And in the next moment, you make the same choice again.

Every moment is a chance to live before we die.

My only fear is to have not lived before I died. So I live and love knowing I’ll die only because I have lived.

When things feel like they are ending, it is because it is time for a new beginning.

Every moment is an ending. Every moment is a beginning.

In any beginning, a new choice can be made.

Kindness, compassion, and gratitude can spread more quickly than any virus.

Stay well.

7 thoughts on “What are we spreading?

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    1. Thank you for reading and commenting ❤️ Yes. I really feel like this virus is a call for us to see how each of us can choose differently and that our choices do make an impact. As they show how the virus spreads, it could be the same for moods or whatever. The TP blight alone shows how catching fear and panic are. I hope you stay well and stay safe ❤️

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      1. Yep, it’s a global time-out. Losing our collective minds, spirit, cashing in Humanity … for what? 2-ply Tree Bark. All is well-ish as can be on my scrub of Earthy Paradise (Canada). Be Well, and Blessings Always. 🙂

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      2. It’s time for the artists to lead the way like it always was before. Peeking into the unknown, creating what didn’t exist before, and showing that nothing is as it seems. What many may lose, others will find and I think as long as our divine creativity, our hearts, and souls shine authentically, we will get through.

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      3. Calm is good, though seemingly less realistic and attainable with the growing chaos and fear elevating. I’m an eternal optimist, which is mostly possible by relinquishing fear. I don’t spook easily on The Big Picture. I trust you’re in company of loved ones and in a place of safety and comfort.

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