Mah Butt Itches

Born inside iron maiden, built in beast with teeth to grind

Tongues of acid, licking wake up, sulfur breath burns inside

Veins pumped poison in my darkness, scarred invisible to the light

Sun burns cold, wind blows numb, charcoal teeth stammering

Chattering birds hopefully clamoring, cosmic jokes repeating

Beautiful, whispers deeply, your eyes and ears are bleeding

You are more than the sum of your tears and fears.

The blood you’ve bled, the tears you’ve wept, paint on canvas perfection sublime

Courage is smile, torment tossed like bile, rising, flying, crying

I saw Queen of Heaven assume a crown made of thorns,

As Queen of the Damned consumed the blood bourne…

My crown is the clown of intuition, the laughter inside our prohibition

I am more than the sum of my tears and fears

You are more than the sum of your tears and fears

The blood we’ve bled, the…

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