How can the same word be a complete opposite?!

This reality cleaves me to my stagnant situation while cleaving our communication because I haven’t I suppose directly asked, you’ve not really inferred, and I thought I implied. The communication problems don’t always stem from such a straightforward place.

We raze forests to raise profits after all.

It’s kind of like being disgruntled when you wonder how one becomes gruntled.

Or how every C in Pacific Ocean is pronounced differently

Life is full of cause and effects. It’s just often difficult to determine whether it’s effect or affect. Did a butterfly flap it’s wings and cause a tsunami or was there a funny moon affecting the tides?

I woke myself up the other day by exclaiming “but Hitler just wanted to be an artist!” Initially I was confused, then I tried to understand what on earth my subconscious could be saying with that. Finally, without coffee, I just prayed it wasn’t a sex dream.

I don’t know what caused it, but it did affect me.

If it was a sex dream, would it have been a master debate?

Once I ordered a French kiss dressing as opposed to French. It wasn’t even a Freudian slip, I don’t know where my mind was. It was apparently cobbling together words that seemed related – like an errant mouse click.

Our dictionary seems full of them.

A personality is the same as the mask an actor wore on stage. So when am I actually being me? Being a fat girl in high school forced me to develop a personality – several, in fact. Yet everything I say is me is everything that isn’t me. Or is it?

Do I listen to music or is life music itself?

If I had a point, I wouldn’t make it.

Realistically, no one actually hears or sees what you think they do anyway.

Haters will say I just did it to keep my writing streak going.

The truth is I just felt like posting this song.

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