Oops spells Opportunity

The strains, the stagnancy of stress

The emphatic escalation of emotion I can’t express

It’s like the illusion of ignorance

During blissful smiles of self-inflicted duress

Cacao is more of a yell than chocolatey goodness

Where the cacophony of my mind won’t relent

Until I spill words I don’t know like blood on pavement

Like a chalk line of someone’s biggest regret

Sometimes I see it and life literally makes sense

But I’ve built the metaphorical den in dense

Where sometimes mistakes are worth doing again

Because I’m less than the lesson

And the enemy is my only friend

The friend that is I, tho fiendishly fends

To ward off the end of the imagined laments

Where problems are certainly solved in the end

Because I’m the one who stops the insane trends

Where I listen to others instead of the truth

Trying in trust but unbecoming, unglued

The words just keep coming, but coming from who?

It doesn’t matter, as long as I am

The one who keeps spelling








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