#SLS – Lyrics with Baby / All the wrong mashups


I saw Jill and Violet’s posts for the SLS -Songs with Babe/Cutie/Doll/Honey/Sweetie – So, I was trying to think of a song. Initially, I was going to doIn this Moment, Whore. But I just felt I could think of something better. I had Justin Bieber stuck in my head and that felt dirty. Fortunately, I remembered the Psychosocial Baby mashup, and then I remembered the even better If you wanna breathe my sulfur mashup. I feel like Baby works, and kind of technically it’s there… implied lyrics, perhaps. Baby Spice works, right?

It’s so wrong it’s right. I cry laughing every time I hear the spice girls one.

11 thoughts on “#SLS – Lyrics with Baby / All the wrong mashups

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  1. Yaaassss!! Two of the coolest mash-ups ever!! I’ll never forget the Bieber roast when Martha Stewart says “Justin … call me”. Wish I could find the clip. Glad you joined in.

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  2. Slipknot! Jim’s Greatful Dead video has the word -slipknot- in the title on the video? and I thought I was gonna get a collab with Corey and Jerry Garcia! WRONG!!! I am so glad you showed up with this. I was needing a Corey fix!

    Justin who????????

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